Jan Moller

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Yesterday, we heard about tax reform from state Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson, who says, “We want every taxpayer treated fairly. We don’t want a particular group to feel that they are paying more taxes than other people.”

Today we talk with Jan Moller, director of the Louisiana Budget Project, who says the tax reform report is a good start.

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“I think everybody wants to keep movies in Louisiana, just at a lower cost,” says frequent critic of the film incentive program, Louisiana Budget Project director Jan Moller.

But the cap on film tax credits, passed by the Legislature in 2015, has created a drought for Hollywood South.

S. Lincoln

Just 3 years ago, Louisiana was crowned “the filmmaking capital of the world”, with more movies originating here than anywhere else. For the past year, though, soundstages have been empty. Over the next three days, we’ll explore the rise and fall of Hollywood South – and whether it can rise again.

S. Lincoln

With Congress back from its summer recess, Governor John Bel Edwards was in Washington Thursday, pressing for more federal flood recovery funding.

As we look ahead to deciding on the next governor of Louisiana, we’ve been also looking back, taking a cue from Huey Long, known for the “Share our Wealth” plan under the motto, “Every Man a King”.

Jan Moller with the Louisiana Budget Project points out that every issue that plagues the state – and the reason we end up on the bottom of so many “good” lists – can be traced back to Louisiana’s ranking as the third poorest state in the nation.