Jerry Ceppos

Retired LSU Mass Communications Dean Jerry Ceppos comments on the state of journalism in America and the perception about fake news.

Writer Ken Jennings on his book “Planet Funny, How Comedy Took Over Our Culture.”


Pictured: Jerry Ceppos



Jerry Ceppos, dean at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication, talks about the history of leakers influencing American journalism and government.

Ceppos also comments on NBC's controversial interview with Alex Jones, the new branding for Fox News, and whether President Donald Trump's battle with the media will continue.

Star Detroit Lions pitcher Denny McClain calls in to discuss various topics of the game of baseball including the controversy surrounding "uppers" taken by players (allegedly) back in his day.  

Jerry Ceppos  is up next, Dean of the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication --- who Jim says knows things about "most things." Ceppos is in studio to discuss the future of print and the "news war" between Advocate owner John Georges and Times Picayune owners, Newhouse Family.  

Alan Cutter is a Presbyterian reverend who served in the US Navy from 1969-1975. He was also diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in June 2010. He is a proud spokesperson for The 3rd Annual Parkinson's Conference which is being held Saturday July 19th at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

Jerry Ceppos, Dean of the LSU Manship School of Mass Communications, talks about ceremonies marking 100 years of journalism education at the Old War Skule.

Baton Rouge Symphony conductor Tim Muffitt discusses upcoming symphony performances and events.