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Louisiana House Natural Resources Committee members are bugged by some plant problems: too much of one, and the die-off of another. The first needs more bugs to eat it; the second needs a way to kill the bugs causing it.


Will Louisiana’s legislators propose new laws in reaction to the tragic Las Vegas shootings? If the past five years are any guide, it's very likely they will.

Let's explore that timeline.

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As is usual early in a legislative session, it’s been an abbreviated week for lawmakers.

“Let me wish each of you a very blessed Easter,” Senate President John Alario said Wednesday morning, as the upper chamber concluded its work for the week.


After more than a week of seat-numbing – and often mind-numbing – testimony on the revenue-raising measures, the House Ways & Means Committee acted on 36 bills Tuesday.

“It’s come to the point that the committee can take action on it as it sees fit,” Chairman Neil Abramson announced to begin the meeting.

Noting repeatedly that each bill had been given a full hearing previously, complete with public testimony, Abramson moved the measures with conveyor-belt efficiency.