Jim Nickel

  Former Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman and veteran lobbyist Jim Nickel comments  on the state’s shifting political winds, the 2019 gubernatorial race and the impact of lobbyists at the State Capitol post-term limits. Writer Jennie Lightweis-Goff talks about her appearance at Louisiana Book Festival this Saturday in Baton Rouge.

Jim Nickel, former Louisiana Democratic Party Chair and part-time fill-in host on The Jim Engster Show, is our lead off guest for today's show. He and Jim talk about the state of the Democratic Party in Louisiana as we approach November's election and how the candidates are fairing thus far. They also discuss the recent remarks from U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy that Senate Majority leader Harry Reid runs the Senate like it's a "plantation."

Attorney and Libertarian candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Louisiana Jeffry Sanford is our second guest today and he discusses why he's running for Congress: "To make as many points as I can." He talks with Jim about how he feels our first, second, fourth and fifth amendments are being threatened by votes cast by both Democrats and Republicans, and he touches on what it's like to run in the district being represented by newly appointed Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Also, author Daniel James Brown closes out today's show with Jim to promote and discuss his most recent book The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Brown's book tells the true story of nine working class boys from the American West who transformed and redefined the sport of rowing during the Great Depression. Through a series victories over America's elite Ivy League teams and Great Britain's Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Brown's book culminates in the boy's arrival to Berlin for the 1936 Olympics where they stun the world and Nazi Germany by winning gold in true Cinderella fashion.

Jim Engster interviews lobbyist Jim Nickel who is former chairman of the Louisiana Democratic party on politics including Senator Mary Landrieu, Governor Edwin Edwards, Senator David Vitter, the Koch brothers, and the upcoming Louisiana legislative session.  Representative Dalton Honore discusses issues surrounding his bill regarding medical marijuana and also his bill to reduce sentences for simple marijuana possession.

A visit with lobbyist and former WRKF Board chairman Jim Nickel, to discuss the political landscape in Louisiana and whatever else comes up.

New Orleans native Lisette Oropesa, the soprano diva, who was raised in Baton Rouge, went to LSU and who'll return to Louisiana soon, to perform in the coming LSU Opera Gala.