LA Rep. Malinda White

Wallis Watkins

Legislators are gearing up for a third special session that will start June 18. They’ll have 10 days to reach an agreement on the budget and taxes.

Squabbling Over Crumbs

Jun 21, 2016
S. Lincoln

After the House approved cuts freeing up another $70-million for the upcoming budget Monday, they then squabbled over where to spend it – on TOPS, or on health care.

Prairieville Rep. Tony Bacala argued to put the money toward TOPS.

One Down, Two To Go

Jun 20, 2016

“We only have 3 opportunities before us to possibly fund the vital services that we need in all of our communities,” Bogalusa Rep. Malinda White reminded her colleagues. 

Her HB 38 was one of those opportunities, and the full House took it up Sunday evening. The bill would reduce the amount of federal excess itemized deductions allowed on state returns.

Such A Deal!

Mar 2, 2016
S. Lincoln

As we wait for lawmakers to decide about cutting public school funding, higher education and health care, and about raising the sales tax while limiting personal income tax exemptions, perhaps it’s time to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

“The net corporate collections? Minus $210-million,” Legislative Fiscal Analyst Greg Albrecht says of the state’s current balance sheet. 

He has also stated it looks like the state will continue to pay out more to business than it collects from them.