LA Sen. Robert Adley

Amy Jeffries

When the legislature’s Joint Transportation Committee met Thursday, it was farewell for the two leaders: Senator Robert Adley of Benton and Representative Karen St. Germain of Plaquemine:

“Senator, if I may, I just want to thank you and the chairlady for you-all’s hard work on the Transportation Committee for the last 4 years,” Rep. Terry Landry of New Iberia said, prompting applause from all the members.

Both Adley and St. Germain were term-limited this year. Yet their final meeting also saw the start of a pilot to get construction projects going, despite Louisiana’s cash-strapped status.

Lawmakers Push Back on Budget 'Shell Game'

Feb 23, 2015

State lawmakers refused to approve part of the Jindal administration’s plan for balancing the current budget Friday, making it clear they’re fed up with sweeps of dedicated funds.

“Somebody, sooner or later, has got to stand up and say we’ve got to stop this,” Sen. Robert Adley of Benton remonstrated with the Joint Budget Committee and representatives of the Division of Administration.

Adley, a Republican, chairs the Senate Transportation Committee, and he took great issue with part of the budget-balancing plan to grab $6-million from gasoline taxes — which are dedicated to building and maintaining roads — and shuffle that money to State Police.

Fiscal Cliff Injury Report: Higher Ed

Feb 4, 2015

“Who will starve, and who will get some breadcrumbs?”

That’s the question Southeastern Louisiana University professor Dayne Sherman — and many others — are asking, as Louisiana colleges and universities have been told to expect up to $400-million in cuts for the next fiscal year. That amounts to 40 percent of their current state funding.

Tax Amnesty Grab: Unicorns and Fairy Dust

May 29, 2014

Senators saw a pile of unallocated potential money as part of a House bill to extend the tax amnesty program, and they jumped at it.

“Let’s do something we can go home and say, ‘Yes! We did something for economic development’,” Delhi Senator Francis Thompson urged.

“My amendment will give 25-million dollars to the Board of Regents, to higher education,” New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson offered.

“Let’s put it where we got a 12-billion dollar backlog. Put everything we got into those roads,” Benton Senator Robert Adley pushed for infrastructure funding.

Rules for Environmental Damage Suits Advance

May 16, 2014

They’re called “legacy lawsuits”—when property owners sue oil and gas companies for environmental damage done in decades past. Thursday, Louisiana’s House spent hours hearing—and ultimately approving—two bills dealing with legacy lawsuits.

“When we get to court, we know there’s an issue,” explained Chalmette Representative Ray Garofalo, while introducing his bill, which would let parties on either side ask the Department of Natural Resources to come up with a remediation plan for the polluted or otherwise damaged property.