LA Sen. Ryan Gatti

Wallis Watkins

Youth in Louisiana's foster care system may be able to stay longer, under a bill that passed the Senate Finance committee Monday. 

Dr. Brian Salvatore

The House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment was packed on Wednesday as Representative Gene Reynolds (D-Minden) presented House Bill 11, which Reynolds filed "strictly to stop the open burn of munitions in the state of Louisiana.” 

Spring Cleaning: Keep, Toss, Donate or Sell

Apr 25, 2016

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Let’s check out how the Legislature is doing with clearing their closets, and deciding what things to keep or toss, or which to donate or sell.

Things you can sell are sometimes the easiest to let go of. Alexandria Rep. Lance Harris says there’s a piece of state land the Archdiocese would like to purchase.

“The Diocese runs a school called St. Mary’s, and it’s been around since 1954. They’ve been leasing the land since then and this lets them go into negotiations to buy it.”

There’s also a tract Northwestern State inherited.