Mark Ballard

Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard of the Advocate on the Special Session budget chaos. 

Renowned Tailor Manuel Martinez of Baton Rouge on summer fashion. 

Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau on the complex legacy of writer Philip Roth.

Chance McNeely, Executive Director of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, on the plight of truck drivers in Louisiana. Mark Ballard of the Advocate comments on the final stretch of the Regular Session with lawmakers duking it out in bar rooms over legislative disputes. Tracy Fessenden, professor at Arizona State University, on her book about jazz singer Billie Holiday and her connection to religion in her music.

Democrat Melissa Flournoy and Republican Scott Wilfong assess the political terrain in Baton Rouge and in the Beltway. 

Former Grant Parish District Attorney Ed Tarpley on non-unanimous jury verdicts in Louisiana as lawmakers debate changing the state law. 

Advocate Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on a week at the Capitol as nursing home residents were warned of losing their homes because of budget challenges.

Pictured: Melissa Flournoy 

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard analyzes the Regular Session as lawmakers try to finish early to convene for a special session on the budget. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat on the political trail in Baton Rouge and in the Beltway with Tom Schedler resigning as Secretary of State and President Trump paying 130-thousand dollars to Stormy Daniels. Author Catherine Reid on “The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables.”

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on the homestretch of the Regular Legislative Session. WAFB Capitol Reporter Kevin Frey on covering the Capitol and his move to Washington D.C. Former New Orleans Jazz President Fred Rosenfeld on the continuing legacy of Pistol Pete Maravich.

Michael Henderson of the LSU Public Policy Institute reviews sentiments of Louisiana residents on an array of issues. Mark Ballard, Capitol Bureau Chief for The Advocate, assesses the Regular Legislative Session. Jason Allen details the offerings at the Louisiana International Film Festival.

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on this week at the session including the Senate passing a measure to require unanimous verdicts in felony trials. LSU Public Policy Research Lab Director Michael Henderson on how Louisiana citizens regard government, taxes and gender equality. Clemson University Professor Gary Machlis on the disregard for conservation in America as Dr. Machlis prepares a conference at LSU next week.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on his decision to remove Confederate Era monuments from the city’s landscape and Landrieu’s view of contemporary politics. Former Tulane Professor Richard Marksbury on his reasons for leading the fight against the removal of the monuments. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on the week at the State Capitol where bills to raise the minimum wage and ensure equal pay for men and women failed in the Louisiana Senate.

GOP Political Consultant Scott Wilfong and Democratic blogger Lamar White of The Bayou Brief on the challenges of President Trump and Governor Edwards. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on an eventful week for the regular session.

Jeremy Alford of La Politics on the legacy of Louisiana columnist and commentator John James Maginnis, who would have celebrated his 70th birthday Saturday. Mark Ballard of the Advocate on the first week of the Regular Session of the Legislature. Singer Phillip Manuel of New Orleans on the 100th birthday celebration of Nat King Cole tomorrow at Snug Harbor. Lonnie Luce of University Academy on learning in a virtual school.