Melinda Deslatte

World renowned cognitive scientist World renowned cognitive scientist Steven Pinker provides his take on why we should be more optimistic about contemporary life. Margie Jenkins, a 96-year-old farmer from Amite, talks about her induction in the Louisiana Agriculture Hall of Distinction. Ian Birnie of the Louisiana International Film Festival on next month’s event in Baton Rouge. Associated Press Capitol Reporter Melinda Deslatte previews the annual Gridiron Show and reviews week two of the regular session.

Associated Press Capitol Correspondent Melinda Deslatte and Kevin Frey, WAFB, Capitol Reporter respond to Governor Edwards’ budget proposal.

Longtime activist Frances Moore Lappe’ on her book, “Daring Democracy, Igniting Power, Meaning and Connection for the American We Want.”

Veteran Baton Rouge singer and musician Luther Kent recalls John Fred who was at the top of the Billboard Chart 50 years ago with “Judy in Disguise.”

Policy Prediction: How To Draw Lines

Dec 27, 2017

I think I can confidently predict one political policy hot topic for the coming year: redistricting.

Also known as "reapportionment," it's come up no less than four times in meetings this past month alone.

2019 Governor's Race: Hats Going In The Ring

Dec 26, 2017
Sue Lincoln

In addition to fiscal cliff issues dominating legislative discussions this spring and congressional elections this fall, what's on the political horizon for 2018?

There's about to be a governor's race, and so candidates are going to have to announce, start campaigning this year, start raising money this year," says Gannett reporter Greg Hilburn.

Cliff Consensus: 'So Far, No Solutions'

Dec 11, 2017
Sue Lincoln

When three members of the Capitol Press Corps’ best gathered for a panel discussion at the Council for a Better Louisiana’s annual meeting, they tried to answer one of state government’s most burning questions: What’s going to happen with the fiscal cliff?

Today, Robert Travis Scott has Melinda Deslatte of The Associated Press and Lanny Keller of The Advocate to discuss the "winners" and "losers" of this years Louisiana Legislative Session. Some of the "winners" they discuss: Oil & Gas Companies and Payday Lenders to name a few. "Losers": Most of the Democratic bills. Tune in to hear the rest.

Also, Editor of the Louisiana Sportsman Andy Crawford joins Robert in the last segment to discuss the coastal protection, the recent saltwater fishing license fee increase, how to catch a Redfish, and much, much more.

Former Illinois Congressman Paul Findley (R) assesses President Obama's push for military action in Syria.

Associated Press Correspondent Melinda Deslatte talks with Jim about the latest developments with the LSU Board of Supervisors. 

Capital area businessman Cam Morton discusses the business climate in Baton Rouge.