Philippe Petit

Forty years ago today on August 7, 1974 Philippe Petit stepped out onto a high wire suspended between New York City's Twin Towers and captured the attention of America as he tightrope walked for forty-five jaw-dropping minutes. On the 4oth Anniversary of the event we're posting a special previously broadcast interview between Philippe and Jim, in which Philippe discusses that day forty years ago and the preparation that led up to it.

Former Louisiana State Representative and former sports journalist/radio announcer for the USL (now ULL) football and basketball programs, Ron Gomez joins Jim for the first half of today's show. He and Jim talk about the complex legacy of basketball coach Beryl Shipley, who will be inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame this week.

Damien Echols and Lorri Davis call in together to talk with Jim and discuss their unlikely love story which began when Echols was on death row in Arkansas. They as well discuss their new book detailing their story titled Yours For Eternity: A Love Story On Death Row.

Famous highwire-walker and magician Philippe Petit joins the show as the last guest of the day. Philippe and Jim talk about Philippe's famous walk between the World Trade Center buildings in 1974. He was well discusses his latest book Creativity: The Perfect Crime.