Roy Fletcher

Concordia Sentinel Editor Stanley Nelson of Ferriday on his quest to solve the mystery of several 1960s racially motivated murders in Louisiana and Mississippi.

EBR Metro Councilman Matt Watson on the council’s action to thwart human trafficking in Baton Rouge.

Veteran Louisiana Political Consultant Roy Fletcher on President Trump’s first State of the Union address and the continuing investigation into possible Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

Political Consultant Roy Fletcher discusses the impact of the Doug Jones victory in the Alabama U.S. Senate election,  the governor’s race in Louisiana for 2019, the continuing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller of the Trump campaign team and Senator John Kennedy making big news nationwide.

Also, former LSU Linguistics program director Hugh Buckingham on the words banned by the Centers for Disease Control. 

Roy Fletcher is a political consultant. He joins us to talk about the significance of the outcome of the recent special election for a Georgia U.S. House seat.

Amanda Brunson is the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana, and she's with us today to discuss the recent national attention surrounding the sexual misconduct allegations involving two female Destrahan high school teachers and a male student. Amanda talks about what steps parents can take to help prevent this from happening to their child, and she also discusses misconceptions people can have about the role of gender in cases of sexual abuse.

Also, Beth Brewster the Executive Director of the Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge joins us briefly to discuss the Louisiana Mega Match-a-thon Adoption Event on October 18th from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Companion Animal Alliance center. For more information about the event, visit:

Jarrod Coniglio, the Deputy Secretary for the Louisiana Department of Revenue joins us to discuss the upcoming Tax Amnesty program which begins October 15th. He tells about how delinquent tax payers, tax payers who failed to report all income, and certain tax payers under audit are eligible to participate in the amnesty program. For more information about the Tax Amnesty program, visit:

And, political consultant and frequent guest Roy Fletcher closes out today's show with Jim to discuss the recent updates on U.S. Sen. John McCain campaigning for U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, as Cassidy continues forward with his bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Political Consultant Roy Fletcher is our guest for the two segments of today's show and he joins us in studio to talk about what he knows best: political elections and campaigns. Being the former National Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator John McCain during his bid for president in 2000, Roy comments on Senate candidates Rob Maness, Mary Landrieu, and Bill Cassidy, as well as David Vitter and his bid for Governor of Louisiana.

Former Pepperdine University Professor and Conservative Commentator Bruce Herschensohn joins us by phone to close out today's show and he expresses his concern with passion for what is happening in the Middle East, and our country's involvement. He comments on the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley at the hands of ISIL, what he thinks we should do about ISIL, his opinion on President Obama's actions, and much, much more.

Roy Fletcher, former National Deputy Campaign Manager for Sen. John McCain, and now a Political Consultant and Strategist, joins Jim in studio for the better part of today's show. He and Jim discuss the unexpected and surprisingly successful rise of Rep. Steve Scalise to House Majority Whip; Sen. David Vitter's bid for the Governor's mansion and his sudden shift to the middle; Bill Cassidy running for Senate; Common Core and Superintendent John White; Governor Jindal; the Landrieu Family; and much, much, much, much more.

Also, Author Chris Colin talks with Jim for the last segment of today's show about his latest book What to Talk About: On a Plane, at a Cocktail Party, in a Tiny Elevator with Your Boss's Boss.

Louisiana State Senator and Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson talks with Jim about the status of the Democratic Party and what the the future will hold for it within the predominantly Republican state of Louisiana, as well as other political issues concerning the state.

Judy Benitez, Executive Director of the Iris Domestic Violence Center in Baton Rouge, stops by the station to discuss the serious issues concerning the link between domestic violence and female homicides in the state of Louisiana.

And Veteran Politico Roy Fletcher calls in to talk about his favorite basketball player, Bill Russell, who turns 80 years old today.

Jim Engster speaks with political consultant, Roy Fletcher about the President's State of the Union address, the 2015 Governor's race, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and other political issues, plus TigerRag Magazine's editor Cody Worsham and associate editor Luke Johnson discuss LSU's basketball game held last night and the upcoming Super Bowl game.

British author Howard Sounes joins Jim to talk about his latest book "27: History of the 27 Club". The book gives a detail account of six artist that died at the age of 27.

Roy Fletcher talks with Jim about the upcoming Louisiana elections in 2015 and Sen. David Vitter's possible run for Governor.

Field Editor Ken Kaufman stops by to talk about his upcoming visit to the Baton Rouge Audubon Society and discuss his popular field guides on birds.

Jim chats with veteran political consultant and campaign strategist Roy Fletcher on numerous topics.

Advocate features writer George Morris on the life and times of legendary LSU coach Paul Dietzel, who died this week at age 89.

Author David Wolman on his book, "The End of Money"