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Budget 101: Income

Jul 3, 2017
LA Tax Reform Task Force

A new fiscal year started this past weekend, so this might be a good time for a basic review. Let’s call it “Budget 101”.

We’ll start with state income – also known as revenue. 

One Collector or Many?

Mar 20, 2017

The Sales Tax Streamlining Commission is nearly ready to release their recommendations on which sales tax exclusions and exemptions should stay and which should go away, but they seem to have reached an impasse on another aspect of streamlining.

Sue Lincoln

Shortfalls, streamlining, tax reform – as Louisiana’s budget problems continue to dominate discussions at the capitol, now would be a good time for a basic review. Let’s call it “Budget 101”.

We’ll start with state income –also known as revenue.  

Taxing On-Line Sales

Jan 2, 2017
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If you’ve done some online shopping since the calendar flipped to 2017, you may have noticed your total at checkout was higher than expected.

“If you live in Louisiana, the next time you go to Amazon and buy something, you can just add 10% to your bill,” state Treasurer and U.S. Senator-elect John Kennedy grumbles.


Yesterday, we heard about tax reform from state Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson, who says, “We want every taxpayer treated fairly. We don’t want a particular group to feel that they are paying more taxes than other people.”

Today we talk with Jan Moller, director of the Louisiana Budget Project, who says the tax reform report is a good start.

LA Dept. of Revenue

Facing a Thursday due date for their report, the Tax Structure Task Force is working daily this week, sorting through options and preparing to vote on their recommendations.

“If we’re going to spend, we have to decide exactly how we’re going to raise the money,” LSU economist, Dr. Jim Richardson, summed up the charge given to the panel by the governor and the legislature.

He then gave the other dozen task force members a review of what they’d learned meeting nearly weekly for the past four months.

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The full House completed their budget-balancing exercise Friday, leaving few completely pleased with the outcome.

But, as Minden Rep. Gene Reynolds said, “The reality is once it gets over to the Senate side, it’s not going to come back the same way it left – believe me.”

Sue Lincoln

When House Bill 61 went in front of the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee Tuesday morning, it proposed cleaning one of the four pennies of state sales tax from exemptions, generating $112 million in revenue next fiscal year. 

Although Senate Finance took no action on Representative Cameron Henry’s House Bill 122 Tuesday, they did discuss it with Legislative Fiscal Officer, John Carpenter.  Carpenter, referring to comments made Monday by Henry (R-Metairie) in the Senate Finance committee, said the fiscal office "never participated in a conversation where we agreed to roll over a deficit.  I do not believe the Constitution allows you to knowingly roll over a deficit."

Stelly's Shadow

Feb 18, 2016
S. Lincoln

As lawmakers discuss how to fix the state budget shortfall and change the tax structure to prevent recurrence, “Stelly” keeps coming up.

“Once we gave up both sides of the Stelly equation, we’ve been in a jam for 7 years,” observed House Ways and Means vice-chair Julie Stokes.

But who or what is Stelly?

Vic Stelly was a Lake Charles Representative, who authored a tax restructuring plan the voters approved in 2002. It was designed to prevent the budget problems Louisiana currently faces.