Sally Nungesser

Collecting Campaign Cash

Aug 7, 2017

With just over nine weeks to go till the state Treasurer election, it’s been very quiet. What’s going on? Primarily fundraising.

In the midst of campaigning for a fourth term as a U.S. Senator, Mary Landrieu joins us for the first segment of today's show. She and Jim discuss how her campaign is coming along, her involvement in the Energy Committee, her resume thus far in Washington, what her expectations are for the upcoming November elections, and much more. She even makes a few comments regarding statements made about her in recent TV ads supporting U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy.

Also, GOP Political Consultant Sally Nungesser closes out the rest of today's show in studio with Jim, and they talk about her early career in politics (which began in her early twenty's), the upcoming elections in November, what she thinks needs to change in Washington, and how she thinks that change can occur with a new president and a new Republican majority-run Senate.