Talk Louisiana

Battle of Liberty Place Monument CC A-SA 2.0

Richard Marksbury talks in response to the decision by the city of New Orleans to perform an unannounced removal of the controversial Battle of Liberty Place obleisk early Monday morning. Marksbury advocates against the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces in New Orleans.

Michael Henderson
Sue Lincoln

Michael Henderson, Director of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab, talks about his survey showing a great divide in Baton Rouge and statewide about perceptions and opinions of policing and racial equality. He also speaks with us about last summer's protests in Baton Rouge.

Aaron Blackledge of the Crisis Intervention Center in Baton Rouge talks about reports of increased stress in our community amid economic and personal pressures created by the Historic Flood of 2016.

Sue Lincoln
Kelly Tate

WRKF's Sue Lincoln on the week that was at the State Capitol as lawmakers and the governor remain apart on a budget consensus.

Charles Glass, veteran international correspondent for ABC news, gives his take from Beirut about the ongoing tragedy in Syria, the U.S. conflict with Iran, and how Middle East turbulence could affect Louisiana.

We talk with Baton Rouge based political consultant Michael Beychok. He and his partner Trey Ourso were recognized nationally for their work with Gumbo PAC in 2015. Beychok will assess the political landscape in Louisiana two years from the next statewide election cycle when Gov. John Bel Edwards will be seeking re-election.

Heather Sewell Day, event director for the Louisiana International Film Festival, and John Dardenne, master of ceremonies for the festival, talk with us about the opening of the film festival tonight.

Deepwater Horizon on fire
U.S. Coast Guard

The Deepwater Horizon tragedy took place seven years ago today. Keith Jones is the father of Gordon Jones, one of the victims of the incident. Keith talks with us about the aftermath of the loss of his son and what has happened as a result of Deepwater Horizon.

U.S. Representative Garret Graves, reprsenting the 6th Congressional District of Louisiana, phones in to chat about disaster response and Gov. John Bel Edwards' response regarding Congress and blame for the slow flow of federal disaster funds.

American University

American University Historian Allan Lichtman is one of the only public figures who accurately predicted that President Donald Trump would win the Electoral College and Hillary Clinton would take the popular vote in 2016. Lichtman will comment on Trump's first 13 weeks in the White House.