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The Revenue Estimating Conference meets Friday to put an official number on the mid-year budget shortfall and start the wheels moving on cuts – which are expected to exceed $300-million. Where will the axe fall?

“Because Higher Ed and parts of health care are not protected, I believe that once again, sadly, we’re going to take a large part of the burden," says Louisiana Higher Education Commissioner Joe Rallo.

Governor Talks TOPS

Nov 17, 2016

Students attending school on TOPS scholarships are receiving letters that they’ll owe 60% of their tuition in the Spring semester. Speaking on his monthly radio show, Governor John Bel Edwards says it didn’t have to be this way. 

Louisiana Senate Broadcast

With just one week left in the regular session, the Senate Finance committee had to work on the budget over the Memorial holiday.  

The committee made amendments to the House-approved state budget, including a reduction to TOPS funding, which Senate Finance Chairman Eric LaFleur (D-Ville Platte) said would be funded at forty-eight percent of its cost.

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The Senate Finance Committee votes today on how they want to change the state budget. Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne has advised them to “Start over, and simply undo the House amendments in their entirety.”

Dardenne is urging the upper chamber’s money committee to revert to Governor John Bel Edwards’ original plan, and he summed up how the House changed  the governor’s recommendations.


The House Education committee advanced a bill Tuesday changing TOPS allocations during a budget shortfall. Committee chair Nancy Landry is the author.

“If there was a five percent shortage, then everyone would get five percent less,” she explained.