LSU Genetics Lab Contributes to 1000 Genome Project

Oct 12, 2015

When you think "mutant," you probably think of Magneto from the X-Men. But if you ask Dr. Mark Batzer, a biology professor at LSU, he might start talking about Barbara McClintock, who discovered transposons in 1953. She won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery.

S. Lincoln

With the statewide election now less than two weeks away and early voting underway, it’s time to look at one of the statewide races we’ve not yet covered—Agriculture Commissioner.

Mike Strain, Republican from Covington, is the incumbent.

Dolphins Aid with Gulf Conservation

Oct 9, 2015
Judy Palermo | The Indianapolis Zoo

The Dead Zone. It sounds ominous, mysterious.


“So it’s a phenomenon that, to my understanding, didn’t even really exist before the 1970s, but is an environmental response to high nutrient loads, primarily nitrogen and phosphorous,” says Seth Blitch, Coastal Program Manager for The Nature Conservancy in Louisiana.


Voters to Consider How Louisiana Manages Money

Oct 9, 2015
Robert Travis Scott
Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana

As you may have heard, we have an election coming up this month. Aside from voting on a new governor, Louisiana voters will be asked to weigh in on four proposed constitutional amendments. To help voters better understand these amendments, the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana puts out a guide every year. It just came out last week. PAR President Robert Travis Scott helps explain the story behind each amendment.

S. Lincoln

As we’ve been examining the issues and the candidates’ stances in the governor’s race, we’ve made more than a few comparisons to the Huey Long era of Louisiana’s history. Many of the issues in the current governor’s race may be the same as in Huey Long’s day, but there’s one huge difference this year: the money involved.

“He’s got zillions of dollars. He’ll continue to have zillions of dollars. He leans on people from his position as a senator. He’s been able to raise a lot of money in his Super PAC, and a lot of money individually.”

Jay Dardenne is talking about David Vitter. With one month to go to the election, Dardenne’s campaign finance report showed $1.6-million in the bank. Vitter had $7-miilion on hand; $4-million in his campaign fund and $3-million in his Super PAC.