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In between the House and Senate chambers of the State Capitol sits Tim Youd, methodically pounding the keys of his Remington typewriter. It’s similar to the one Robert Penn Warren used to write “All the King’s Men,” which Youd, a visual and performance artist from Los Angeles, is re-typing. 

Sue Lincoln

Baton Rouge is the state capital, the home of LSU football, a hub for the petrochemical industry. But what does Baton Rouge want to be when it grows up?

Baton Rouge Area Chamber CEO Adam Knapp says for the region to continue to grow, it’s got to grow up – and fast.

“We know that companies and talent are going to choose to live in a place that they find attractive, and they find contemporary to what they see around the rest of the country.”


Jan 25, 2016
Alexey Sergeev - http://www.asergeev.com/pictures/k/Anole.htm

Spring, summer and fall, they’re everywhere – green lizards. From backyards to office buildings, swamps to downtown streets, these lizards (or Green Anoles) are found everywhere in Baton Rouge; and, there are lots of them.

S. Lincoln

When it comes to Louisiana’s revenue famine, eating analogies abound.

“All options are on the table,” Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne has said.

“With respect to next year, it takes on the shape of a menu of options from which to choose,” Governor John Bel Edwards says. “And everyone will have a seat at the table.

Yet just two weeks into the new administration, it’s as if food critics are publishing reviews before they taste what they’ve ordered.

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Sue Lincoln

Several thousand Louisiana political illuminati are lighting up the nation’s capital this weekend, as Washington, D.C., becomes the state’s 65th parish for the Mystick Krewe of Louisianans’ Mardi Gras celebration.

The festivities began last night, with a business networking and cocktail event known as “Louisiana Alive”. Officially, it’s a showcase of the Bayou state’s music and cuisine, but this is where alliances and deals are forged –- begun in the hospitality suites and often cemented over a drink or two in the Washington Hilton Hotel’s bar.