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The band Jetlagger has been together for a little over a year and members Jonathan Loubiere (guitar), Johnny McAndrew (guitar), Ryan Roullard (bass), and Josh Nee (drums) say they fit right in with the mix of other local Baton Rouge bands in the area. In fact, for them it's not a competition; they just want to make music.


Cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and even New Orleans have joined the "ban the box" movement. This means banning the question on city job applications that asks about applicants' criminal history. Metro Councilwoman C. Denise Marcelle wants Baton Rouge to follow suit.

S. Lincoln

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne made his position clear.

“I am a Republican. I have been a Republican since the early 1970s. I will remain a Republican,” the former gubernatorial candidate said Thursday morning. “But I also am someone who believes in voting for the person, not the party. Never is this more appropriate than it is in this election, which is why Cathy and I today announce our support of John Bel Edwards.”

Standing in “Free Speech Alley” on the campus of LSU, Dardenne crossed party lines to endorse the Democrat, setting up the potential for this “red” state to alter its shading.

Despite  the administration's efforts to keep the lid on the simmering story of the state’s budget anguish through election season, some of the details are boiling over.

“Whoever ends up becoming the next governor’s going to have a mess to clean up,” says Steve Spires, policy analyst with the Louisiana Budget Project. He adds that healthcare is one of the biggest messes.

Louisiana Board of Regents

The Louisiana Board of Regents, the agency responsible for allocating funds to higher education, has requested a $1.7 billion higher education budget for the next fiscal year.