Sue Lincoln

It’s not unusual for the Legislature to meet on the weekend before the session ends, but it is out of the ordinary when they get the budget bill done a day early. That’s what happened yesterday evening.

“The dynamics of this session is quite a bit different from anything else we’ve gone through, because you all know that these items will be readdressed on Tuesday,” Senate Finance Committee chair Eric LaFleur told the upper chamber, as he presented the conference committee report.

Sue Lincoln

The House took up the Senate amendments to the current year Supplemental Appropriations bill today – the amendments that yesterday took 7 million dollars from an escrow account in the Attorney General’s office.

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Louisiana is one of just nine states that treats 17-year-olds as adults when it comes to any criminal offense. That’s about to change, now, as the full House has passed SB 324.

Sue Lincoln

While most of the attention this session has been on the $600-million hole in the upcoming budget, earlier today, the full Senate did their part to balance the current year’s budget, which ends June 30th. They passed what’s known as the “Supplemental Appropriations” bill.

But first, Senate Finance chairman Eric LaFleur offered a surprise amendment.

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The full Senate took up the state construction bill Wednesday; HB 2, also known as Capital Outlay.

“What HB 2 does, is it establishes our priorities as a state, as to what we believe construction should be,”  Senate Revenue and Fisc chair J.P. Morrell said, as he handled HB 2 in the upper chamber.

On the other side of the Capitol, the bill’s author, House Ways & Means chair Neil Abramson, was getting an update from Bond Commission director Lela Folse -- on how few dollars are actually available.