Sue Lincoln

The State Capitol was quiet Tuesday morning. The House is taking the day off. But, there’s still a price tag attached for taxpayers.

"Legislators are paid a per diem amount for every session day. It’s $157 a day," says House Clerk Butch Speer. 

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Certain conservative lawmakers had their last hope for a magical pot of budget-saving money dashed Monday, when Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne updated the Joint Budget Committee on state contracts.

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The Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs committee met this morning, but they could not yet act on the revenue bills sent over by the House, since those bills have yet to be officially referred to the committee by the Senate. They did, however, take public testimony on them, including the Capital Outlay budget, HB 2.

Angela Lorio is a citizen who has been a regular speaker during this year’s session, primarily advocating for disabled children. She had quite a bit to say about the state construction bill.

Mark Carroll

While a regular legislative session is limited to 60 days, with the two special sessions added in, Louisiana’s legislature is starting its 78th day of nearly continuous lawmaking, and patience is wearing thin. Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne says this is not fun, but it is dysfunctional.


With the House and Senate taking today off, this is a chance to update you on some of what happened in the flurry of activity, changing over from the regular session to the second special session.