S. Lincoln

 Governor Bobby Jindal continues his quest for the White House, and he will participate in the CNN Republican debate this Wednesday. He practiced some of his debate responses with the National Press Club last Thursday.

“Congress has the constitutional responsibility to fund government,” Jindal declared. “Absolutely they should defund Planned Parenthood.”

Planned Parenthood does not do abortions in Louisiana, but Jindal says the web-posted videos produced by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress prove the family-planning organization is “barbaric”.

From Sea to Shining Marsh

Sep 11, 2015
Nick Janzen

Down by the toe of Louisiana’s boot, Bayou Grand Liard used to be surrounded by solid land.

“I’ve talked to people whose fathers and grandfathers used to come out here and hunt rabbits. Now you see it’s all open water,” says Chuck Perrodin, a spokesman for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

To fix that, the CPRA is in the middle of a marsh creation project at Bayou Grand Liard. “We’re taking what used to be land and marsh, went back into open water, now we have made it back into land,” Perrodin says.

There will be two names on the October 24th ballot for Secretary of State: Republican incumbent Tom Schedler and Democratic challenger Chris Tyson. The two spoke with Sue Lincoln separately during qualifying this week about their reasons for running, and what they hope to accomplish, if elected.

Sue Lincoln

The three days of qualifying for the fall elections is over, and there’s a ballot full for the October 24th primary.

On day one, we got the big names: the top tier candidates for governor, and most of the incumbents for the other statewide offices.

“It’s my pleasure to have been the first to sign up,” Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said Tuesday.

“I have qualified for re-election,” Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced.

“I want to be Treasurer again,” John Kennedy stated. “I made that decision about six months ago.”

Wallis Watkins

The four major candidates for governor signed up Tuesday, on the initial day of qualifying.

David Vitter was first up, greeting the media with a joke about his wife who accompanied him.

“Wendy just signed up to run for Governor.”

Vitter said he was flying back to Washington, as the U.S. Senate was reconvening, and it was noted there’s not another congressional recess until October 12th. When asked if he would be participating in any forums or debates before the October 24th primary, he replied, “Absolutely.”