Teach The Children Well

May 27, 2016

Much of the session news has been dominated by TOPS, abortion restrictions, and of course the budget. But lawmakers have taken up more mundane concerns too, like what kids are -- or aren’t -- learning in school.

“This bill would just ensure that we continue to teach the critical skill of cursive writing in schools,” Representative Chris Broadwater said of Senator Beth Mizell’s SB 275, as he handled it on the House floor Thrusday. “I’ll be happy to answer any questions.”


The Senate Finance Committee met Wednesday evening, and discussed HB 105, the bill giving the Attorney General his own budget.

A.G. Jeff Landry insisted this wasn’t a “power grab”, rather that he was trying to improve the efficiency of his department by cutting out the middleman, and not having to seek Division of Administration approval before shifting funding within his department.

Alyssa Eilers

The Senate Judiciary B Committee said ‘no’ to Representative Mike Johnson’s Pastor Protection Act, a bill that would extend the rights of pastors or priests to not perform marriages against their sincerely held religious beliefs. 

Sue Lincoln

Attorney General Jeff Landry crossed swords with the media at the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday.

“I have not in any way – ever – made any notion that I was trying to grab power, however that has been a common theme that the media has seems to want to take,” Landry said.

Cleaning Up the Budget

May 23, 2016
Rex Fortenberry

The regular session ends in just two weeks, and the Senate Finance Committee is now grappling with the budget sent over from the House. Governor John Bel Edwards expects a difficult two weeks.

“You’re going to see the Senate struggle with putting this bill in the best possible posture,” the governor states.

Senator Sharon Hewitt of Chalmette is new to the legislature and the Finance Committee, and admits it’s overwhelming at times.