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Although we’re past the halfway point of the legislative session, House leaders say they are still about three weeks away from moving the budget bill, HB 1. So Senate Finance Committee members got an update on the budget proposal Monday.

Shreveport Senator Greg Tarver asked about rumors the House is trying to make big changes.

“We hear they’re talking about cutting other things to fully fund TOPS.”


Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Let’s check out how the Legislature is doing with clearing their closets, and deciding what things to keep or toss, or which to donate or sell.

Things you can sell are sometimes the easiest to let go of. Alexandria Rep. Lance Harris says there’s a piece of state land the Archdiocese would like to purchase.

“The Diocese runs a school called St. Mary’s, and it’s been around since 1954. They’ve been leasing the land since then and this lets them go into negotiations to buy it.”

There’s also a tract Northwestern State inherited.


It’s been discussed and studied, more than once.

“I got a nice report, plenty of paper. Nothing’s happened.”

So Senator Conrad Appel  of Metairie says it’s time to consolidate governance of Louisiana higher education.

“My bill is to go with one board – one single board.”

Appel says lawmakers have tried to help Higher Ed do more with less, but, “I don’t see any progress. I don’t see any possibility of progress. And I don’t see any mo’ money.”

courtesy Louisiana Family Forum

There was never any doubt which way members of the House Health & Welfare committee would vote on bills seeking to further restrict abortions.

“Today is actually ‘Pro Life Day’ in the Legislature,” committee chair Frank Hoffman began.

First up was Hoffman’s bill prohibiting any state or federal funds going to healthcare providers -- for exams, contraception or even pap smears -- if that provider does abortions.

Wallis Watkins

It may seem this Governor is trying to separate church and state a bit more. However, Tuesday told a different story.