Cleaning Up the Budget

May 23, 2016
Rex Fortenberry

The regular session ends in just two weeks, and the Senate Finance Committee is now grappling with the budget sent over from the House. Governor John Bel Edwards expects a difficult two weeks.

“You’re going to see the Senate struggle with putting this bill in the best possible posture,” the governor states.

Senator Sharon Hewitt of Chalmette is new to the legislature and the Finance Committee, and admits it’s overwhelming at times.

Sue Lincoln

Thursday, the Capitol was still buzzing over the battle of the sexes played out in the House the day before. Even Governor John Bel Edwards weighed in on the controversy.

“It was in bad taste, and it wasn’t funny,” Edwards said, adding the lady legislators were right.

He Said What?

May 19, 2016
S. Lincoln

Speaker Pro Tem Walt Leger was handling Senator Ronnie Johns’ SB 468 on the House floor Wednesday afternoon.

“This bill has to do with the minimum age for dancers in strip clubs. If you have to be 21 to drink in a strip club, you probably ought to be 21 to dance,” Leger said, introducing the measure which has the intent to help halt human trafficking.


Louisiana lawmakers have a love-hate relationship with the Feds. We love those federal funds, but chafe at edicts from Washington D.C.

“We’ve got a federal government that’s telling us how we educate our kids, telling them how they go to the bathroom, telling them everything in the whole world," said Mandeville Senator Jack Donahue in a Judiciary A committee meeting Tuesday.

How Many Reports?

May 17, 2016

“I’ve seen a lot of times where, you know, we get a report and don’t even open ‘em,” Senator Bret Allain told the Finance committee Monday.

They were considering one of more than two dozen bills and resolutions filed by lawmakers seeking more reports – on everything from college athletics costs to the possibility of reversing chemical abortions.