WRKF Events

Thanks to everyone who supported and enjoyed our Second Annual Founders Luncheon with Cokie Roberts September 20, 2016. WRKF's interim president and general manager, Cyril Vetter, compiled and now shares the event's playlist.

Cyril Vetter here, acting GM of WRKF. We had a very successful and sold out Founder's Luncheon with a great keynote by Cokie Roberts. I hope you were there! If you weren't, I did a playlist for the presentation and I've had several folks who were there ask me to post it on WRKF.org. Unfortunately, due to digital rights considerations we aren't able to post the playlist but I can list it here with directions and links to how to find the songs. 

I've always been fascinated with how big hits happen but contemporary hit music sounds more manufactured than created so I avoided the temptation to play massive hits like the latest Bieber/Skrillex/Diplo mash-up of technology, music, and art and opted instead for something a little more eclectic and maybe even closer to home in some respects. 

So here goes: 

1. "American Tune" Allen Toussaint from his posthumous CD "American Tunes." This is a Paul Simon song that Allen delivers in an eerily prophetic foreshadowing of his own death. A bit sad given the loss of a giant like Allen but deeply moving and at the same time uplifting. 

2. "Lush Life" Fred Hirsch from the CD "Passion Flower." One of Billy Strayhorn's best known and appreciated compositions. Strayhorn was Duke Ellington's arranger and although he led a tormented life his music is dense, complicated and a pleasure to listen to over and over. 

3. "Dreamer" David Egan from the "Lil Band O' Gold" CD and YouTube. David recently died as well and I think "Dreamer" was written after he knew he had terminal cancer. I've listened to this maybe 50 times and every time it gets better. Another huge loss. 

4. "Louisiana 1927" Randy Newman from "Good Old Boys" CD and YouTube. Well, I had to include this right? As hard as it is to re-live the awful flooding and remind us of the difficulty of the recovery it also serves to remind us that we will recover.

5.  "Delores' Boyfriend" an Allen Toussaint composition from the "American Tunes" CD and YouTube. Allen displays his sense of humor and impeccable time on this piano solo. 

6. "Callin' Baton Rouge" Garth Brooks. Well, yeah...On a CD somewhere. 

7. "Big Chief" Allen performs Earl King's No.1 with a bullet in the New Orleans musical canon. Not only does he perform it, he throws in a couple of brief but deft references to Louis Gottschalk and Chopin in the process. "American Tunes" CD and YouTube.

8. "Brindisi" ('The Drinking Song') from Traviata.  Verdi had a lighter side and Glyndebourne Opera's version of "Brindisi" is about the most fun you can have at an opera! 

Enjoy...And don't miss next year's WRKF Founder's Luncheon!  

Cyril Vetter